Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ladies, Gentlemen and the Ambiguous Third Gender....Welcome.

Tired of conforming to legality, moral law and social convention, Miss ~K~ verily gave birth to this blog space and thus, she thanks you for coming to view her latest child.

It is important to note that this child is not an only child. Instead it has two siblings, one being her step brother, 'So, Where is the Cheese?' and the other, being her half-sibling, the asexual 'Arsenic and Jubilation'.

Unconventional Detainment has much love for her new found step father, c0mandr, and so far, shows no signs of resentment towards him for the sheer amount of her mothers time he is occupying. This is likely due to her new found playmates, 'So, Where is the Cheese?' and 'Arsenic and Jubilation'.

It is a given that the parents of these children alone will corrupt them wonderfully, but I invite you, dear reader, to assist with this task through the use of the comment function.

I invite you to come with us now, on a journey through time and space, to the world of... The Mighty B... wait, scratch that... the world of insanity, which is in fact - our family. Welcome.

1 comment:

c0mandr said...

It is with much enthusiasm that I greet this adoring child of the warped genius that is Miss K's mind. This shall be something the likes of which the blogosphere (to use that term with all appropriate disdain) has never seen. Live long and prosper-ishness!